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Contracting Concept of ‘Meeting Place’ in Islamic Law: Is There a Room for its Possible Implementation in Internet Transactions? 16.10.2011 Abdulrahman Alzaagy 2/2011
Privacy Issues of the Internet Search Engines - In the Light of EU Data Protection Legislation 16.10.2011 Zsuzsanna Bódogh 2/2011
Multiple Personalities and the Proteus Effect in Collaborative Virtual Environments. A Wittgensteinian Viewpoint 16.10.2011 Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir 2/2011
A Formalized Model of Multiple Selves in MUD’s 16.10.2011 Stefano Cavagnetto, Bruce Gahir 2/2011
Arbitration Going Online – New Challenges in 21st Century? 16.10.2011 Slavomír Halla 2/2011
Dilemma and Approaches of Intellectual Property Rights in the Integration of Industrialisation and Informatisation in China 16.10.2011 Ma Minhu, Zhao Lili 2/2011
Virtual Child Pornography 16.10.2011 Michaela Pobořilová 2/2011
Conclusive Evidence of Hended Information 16.10.2011 Otakar Schlossberger 2/2011
Pornography in Cyberspace – European Regulations 16.10.2011 Małgorzata Skórzewska-Amberg 2/2011
On the Idea of Owning Ideas: Applying Locke‘s Labor Appropriation Theory to Intellectual Goods 16.10.2011 Roland Spitzlinger 2/2011
“Sexting” and the Law – 15 Minutes of Fame, and a Lifetime of Shame 16.10.2011 Dan jerker B. svantesson 2/2011
Law Enforcement and Data Retention in the Light of an Anonymisation Services 16.10.2011 Stefan Köpsell, Petr Švenda 2/2011
Ethical Aspects of Centralization of Internet Search Services 16.10.2011 Miroslav Vacura 2/2011
Building Up Critical Theory of the Information Society: Incomplete Mission 16.10.2011 Petr Lupač


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