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Networks, Rogues and Thievery: The Discourse of Immateriality and Materiality in the Stop Online Piracy Act Legislative Hearing
Author(s): Rebecca Chui | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Data Portability and Informational Self-Determination
Author(s): Eva Fialová | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
The Application of the General Rule of the Rome II Regulation to Internet Torts
Author(s): Anabela Susana De Sousa Gonçalves | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Consent to personal data processing – The Panacea or The dead end?
Author(s): Jakub Míšek | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Impact of the European Regulation in the Area of Interchange Fees for Executing Card-Based Transactions
Author(s): Otakar Schlossberger | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Teaching Contemporary History to High School Students: the Augmented Learning Environment of Czechoslovakia 38-89
Author(s): Vít Šisler et. al | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Pre-employment Background Checks on Social Networking Sites - May Your Boss Be Watching?
Author(s): Seili Suder | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Sovereignty in International Law – How the Internet (Maybe) Changed Everything, but Not for Long
Author(s): Dan Jerker B. Svantesson | Issue: 1/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]


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