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Communication Models in Law
Author(s): Tomasz Bekrycht | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Cyber Security of Tomorrow & Personal Data of Yesterday
Author(s): Jakub Harašta | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Software Developed by Research vs. Freedom of Information in EU (Open Access and Open Data)
Author(s): Jiří Kolman | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Legal Aspects of Brain-Computer Interfaces
Author(s): Alžběta Krausová | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Light at the End of the Tunnel for Cyber-libertarians?
Author(s): Robert Kutiš | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Information Technologies in Business Processes and Modern Labour Activity Regulation Problems
Author(s): Astamur Tedeev | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Legal Aspects of Public Sector Information: Best Practices in Intellectual Property
Author(s): Cristiana Sappa, Radim Polčák, Matěj Myška, Jakub Harašta | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]
Making Laws for Cyberspace. Chris Reed.
Author(s): Tomáš Abelovský | Issue: 2/2014 | [Show abstract] | [Download fulltext]


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